Space-Saving all-Metal Solution

In collaboration with a leading international industrial group focussing on mechanical engineering and plant manufacturing, Hutchinson Stop-Choc was contracted to isolate a problematic structure-born noise emission from within the system.

The object responsible for the acoustic emission is a so-called inductor component, used in textile machinery.

Task and Challenge

With the use of more space-saving components, we isolate the inductor component from vibration. In this case, there is a particular challenge in difficult environmental conditions caused by the process-related use of aggressive media.

Our Solution

Stop Choc® all-metal solution
Stop-Choc® all-metal solution

Based on our Stop Choc® all-metal pads, we developed a specific support that reduces the required space of the component by 30%. Due to the lower tuning frequency, we were able to achieve a high degree of isolation.

Stop Choc® all-metal solutions based on stainless steel wire are resistant to a variety of corrosive media and withstand the highest levels of stress. In addition to very good vibration isolation they also provide special advantages due to their custom fabrication:

• Integrated Damping
• High / Low Temperature Resistance
• Corrosion Resistance
• Long Lifetime