Competent, friendly and uncomplicated – your contact person will take care of the technical advice, project management and sales.

Our Services

  • Analysis of the Technical Task
  • Consulting in the Design of all-Metal Pads and Components
  • Development and Design Service with 3D Systems / FMEA
  • Creating a Prototype
  • Implementation and Evaluation of Measurements at Different Testing Facilities
  • Custom Engineering
  • Production of Small, Medium and Large Quantities
  • Product Identification Through Existing NSN (Nato Stock Numbers)


Project Management

We analyse specifications to define agreed Design Goals and work closely with our clients to ensure a high level of satisfaction.

We place great importance on the quality and performance of our products, as well as on optimal cycle times. The conventional project sections are the Preliminary Design Review (PDR), the Critical Design Review (CDR) and the First Article Inspection (FAI). 

On request, we can provide you with a complete documentation with an initial sample inspection report, test plans and maintenance records.

Engineering: Expertise and Support

Our clients benefit from an experienced team of engineers and technicians who develop customized solutions for demanding applications. We work with CAD (Solidworks, Pro Engineer), the Finite Element Method (FEM) and 3D models. In addition, static and dynamic testing facilities, as well as the development of new composite materials.

Research Center for calculations and numerical simulations system analysis (Abaqus, ARC3D, Sysnoise, Paulstrasoft) Dynamic test environment (multi-axis, electrodynamic and hydraulic shakers) actuators, sensors and controllers for active bearing on-site support (testing, installation and monitoring) expertise in acoustics.